Play For Something Every Night

Michael Jordan gave me some of the best basketball advice ever. Thankfully, it happened early in my career in Charlotte. One day I was practicing shooting when MJ came over to me and offered me $1,000 if I could hit seven out of 10 free throws. After I made a few, MJ started talking a little trash, and pulled the money out of his pocket to distract me. He wanted to amp up the pressure and break my focus. He wanted me to lose. 

I had made six, and I just needed one more to make the money, and it came down to the final shot. I missed it.

Mike looked at me and I thought he wanted to collect and taunt me, but he said. "I don't need your $1,000. I was just trying to teach you a lesson. This is how you're going to play, like you're playing for something every night."

I never forgot that moment, and I’ve played hard ever since. Every play. I always play with purpose, like every second matters.

My best advice to you whatever your goals are: find a way to increase the stakes. Find a way to practice and get better under pressure whenever you can. Learn to play for something every night.