i always wanted to make a big difference

business projects

As an athlete, I have been fortunate enough to know Michael Jordan since I was a teenager. I was scouted by MJ, I play on his NBA team, and I am sponsored by Air Jordan, his shoe brand. I’ve learned so many different leadership skills from observing MJ the Businessman. He’s inspired me to pursue projects beyond basketball. Below are a few projects I’m working on. Check back often as I will be adding more soon.

investing in the drc

My home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, provides a bounty of investment opportunities that are often concealed from the outside world because of misplaced perceptions and attitudes. The truth is the DRC is an emerging economic regional powerhouse whose reputation and ROI grows annually. At any given time I’m involved with multiple DRC ventures from large infrastructures projects to local businesses. I am eager to share my passion for my country’s potential. 

Motivational speaker

My success in the NBA and as a philanthropist has enabled me to meet truly amazing people from around the world, including business leaders, politicians, journalists, and great athletes and coaches.

I’ve learned real wisdom from each of these people and experiences and now want to share them with you. Follow me on social media to discover who I meet and what I learn.

play for something every night

Michael Jordan gave me some of the best basketball advice ever. Thankfully, it happened early in my career in Charlotte. One day I was practicing shooting when MJ came over to me and offered me $1,000 if I could hit seven out of 10 free throws. After I made a few, MJ started talking a little trash, and pulled the money out of his pocket to distract me. He wanted to amp up the pressure and break my focus. He wanted me to lose. I had made six, and I just needed one more to make the money, and it came down to the final shot. I missed it. Mike looked at me and I thought he wanted to collect and taunt me, but he said, "I don't need your $1,000. I was just trying to teach you a lesson. This is how you're going to play, like you're playing for something every night."

I never forgot that moment, and I’ve played hard ever since. Every play. I always play with purpose, like every second matters. My best advice to you whatever your goals are: find a way to increase the stakes. Find a way to practice and get better under pressure whenever you can. Learn to play for something every night.