The Bismack Biyombo Foundation 

I created my foundation to build schools and sports facilities back home in the DRC. 

We needed to help these kids dream, and we needed to be part of the solution. My Foundation’s work has been profiled in many newspapers, magazines, TV shows and more. Every day we serve hundreds of kids and families in need. We welcome and thank you for your support.

Covid and the Congo

When the Covid crisis began we knew we needed to help out. Africa is not well-equipped medically as it is. So my Bismack Biyombo Foundation donated more than 10,000 face masks and 780 hazmat suits to people in my homeland. Supplies worth roughly $1 million. As the crisis deepened, we donated even more. One focus of my Foundation was already to refurbish Congolese hospitals, so we worked hard and fast to update facilities to prepare and protect.

The Kivu School

The goal for me in building the Kivu School was to reach as many kids as possible and give them the best opportunities, because I didn’t have that. All of my past struggles led to a point where I have to do something, so that this generation and the next don’t have to suffer what I suffered. I was inspired by my countryman, the great Dikembe Motumbo who continues to give back so much to our people. Learn more.

Basketball Camps in the DRC

After the summer of my NBA rookie year, and as soon as I could afford to, I traveled back to my homeland and founded basketball camps for kids. There were so few resources available, I even brought basketballs and shoes. Later, with sponsors, we provided more equipment for the kids and built courts, including the nation’s first covered basketball court. I knew firsthand how basketball changes lives and brings people together.